July – December 2020 | NWA Region


Through a partnership with Walmart and Crystal Bridges, P&G looks to build a more inclusive environment in Northwest Arkansas through a new program called Community Cohesion Project.


26% of African American residents reported a feeling of non-acceptance vs only 5% of white residents.


An integrated campaign platform celebrating diversity in NWA through an always-on, centralized hub of content and engagement-connecting the entire community.


  • Reached 1K social followers within first weeks of launch

  • 76% of followers based in NWA – Niche geography, organic growth and real traffic

  • Consistent 5% weekly increase in followers across both Instagram and Facebook

  • 27% increase in Instagram followers from September through October and a 15.5% increase from October through November

  • 251.6% increase in Facebook followers from September through October and a 4% increase from October through November

  • Double digit weekly audience reach across social channels

  • 1.6+ million impressions influencer and earned media

  • 40k+ influencer reach

  • “People were very engaged and were curious to know what CCP is, what they do, and how they can support the project. Personally, I could see the joy on people’s faces, especially people of color, who saw us and heard that there was some type of initiative out there to create a safe space where we all feel seen and welcomed. I would say it was a success, not only because we passed out all the promo items but because a lot of people genuinely connected with the cause and are looking forward to more.”